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The crossdresser Femdoms on cam love nothing more than to  play with your head in a live webcam show. From dressing up in mistress attire to dominating, humiliating and collaring you in any type of bdsm cam show. Get ready to be used by real live Shemale Mistresses live to be owned, abused, used and branded in a live domination cam show.

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To be owned by a drag queen, to be branded and under a contract by a strict Tranny who takes no nonsense. You will be made to suck her cock and cherish it, you will be made to clean her rim and keep her sexually happy at all times. You will become the sex slave, the toy the little slave to be used by a crossdresser Dominant women. They may decide to dress you up and make you a sissy, or tell you how they will ram their juicy big cock sin your mouth. They may decide to spank you and play with you. Be ready for any type of scenario in our live online web cam sessions.

crossdresser mistress I want to spank you hard slave, i want to put you over my knee in front of my tranny friends and let them all have a shot of spanking you, spitting in your ass and using it for lube, tieing you up in bondage attire and using you as a little play thing to suit my needs as and when i see fit.

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Do you know how horny it makes us crossdressers when we bound you to  the ST Andrews cross and then cane your ass hard untill we see some welts in it, we don’t want you to sit down for a weak or more.

When you enter into our rooms, we will describe in detail what will happen in the session and what  we expect from our wirey little cam slaves, to sign a contract to become our toy, to be passed about between shemales and transexuals, to be made to feel so small and useless at all times. – Check out our crossdresser cam section and get yourself interacting with the very best in  kinky sex session with the best girls who enjoy all things girly and naughty. Not just pink fluffy things but down right dirty and kinky


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Introducing to you to some of our favourite shemale cam hosts online and if you like what you see then by all means go and pay them a visit and get funky with them. They want to cum so badly, they want to hear you moan and to hear your dirty stories. If you can talk dirty, wank hard and love cumming then these are the sugar babes for you to view today. Live shemale cam hosts with huge cocks, bigger tits and a nice round flexible ass ready for some pump action the hardcore tranny way.

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Ever heard of the tranny surprise? So many people enjoy this fantasy and our babes can role play this in a live session with you. So step inside and tell our cam models what fantasy or sexual desire you may have.

If its the idea of being dominated by a strict Mistress or some sort of fetish live online our ladyboys are up for anything you desire

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Bend over and in the correct position for some hot sex?

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Horny to wank and jerk that cock hard and furious! She loves the idea of cumming all over her face but would prefer to be sucked off till the end and jizz in your mouth! Want her to send her cum stained panties to you today?

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Ready to watch the very best in online crossdressers online? Then look no further, we have the ladies that you desire. Men who love to be women are waiting to play with you right now. Ever had the fantasy of dressing up in womens clothes? Or sucking the cock of a guy dressed up as a women?

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Straight away you can see how our crossdressers take particular care and pay special attention to how they look. They want to look sexy and to tease you to the brink that you can take no more. Taking sexy seductive pictures and posing in different positions you can see that they truly do enjoy what they do.

Sit back and relax and enjoy your time with Tina the TV she loves to give out tips and share advice for those who wish to try crossdressing online or for real. She has an amazing wardrobe of clothes and make up as well as hot sexy lingerie, heels, and fetish wear.

Just one look at how sexy these ladies are and straight away  you will be blown away this is why we always offer the very best in sex cam shows to get you in the mood for hot fun and games. You can view our crossdresser mistress cams  and see for yourself how cruel they can really be when it comes to online torture, humiliation and domination. They never hold back. They dress up and crack a whip and expect you to dance to their tune.




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Our ladies are waiting to tear you a new one! Yes you guessed right. Ever wondered what it be like to be dominated by a tranny? A crossdressing transgender telling you what to do? Is this a fantasy or a nightmare?Have you been sent to get some strict training straight away? If so then read on. Our Bossy trannies are waiting inside

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Miss Claudia is waiting to train her pathetic little subbie boys and sissy girls!I can hear they pathetic weeps as you beg them not to flog your pathetic boney ass, they are here to degrade and ridicule you as well as train you. Our  live online Transgenders Dominating are full of tgirls who love to dress up in latex and pose for pictures with their weak slaves at their feet. Wearing fetish clothes is something they love to do, big thigh high boots with high heels that they ensure you clean and lick at all times. Your job as a slave is to obey every single word your domina says to you. You are there to serve, to please and  to do as you are told. You will be given a contract and you must abide by that at all times.

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You can see how amazing your Owner looks, as she stands above you and tells you she may very well turn you into one of  her girls. Mistress loves to dress weak men up and take pictures and then laugh at how pathetic they look before posting them online for the ultimate in humiliation as that is what indeed is needed for useless, weak, little men and losers like you.


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I have to admit i have always been a bit of a sucker for  watching and hanging out on these video rooms and oggling some of the hot trannys i see on these which is great as it is free to just check them out without having to pay a dime for it. But if you want to watch them get naked and jerk their cocks for you then you got to pay for that. However i can assure you it is well worth the effort. These areas are full of the best  live gender babes


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Hello and welcome to pete,my site where I will showcase the pictures I have taken of transexual models. I’m a professional photographer and my speciality is taking pictures of shemale’s and cross dressers.

I’ve been in the game for over 10 years now and it is an absolute pleasure to photograph these gorgeous tgirls. Each one is a consumate professional and always willing to listen to ideas I have,and they are full of ideas of their own.

Most of my models work on live shemale webcam sites. These are websites which stream webcam video to people all over the world who want to have a live chat online with a tranny or they want to have some adult fun with a transexual online. And with hundreds to choose from,it makes sense that each model would want, and indeed need, some really enticing pictures to draw in the guys to spend money on them.You can come chat to me live right now over at our live shemale mistress cams where i showcase all my information and have a bit of fun doing pictures of you.


And thats where I come in. I take the glamorous pictures they want to put on their tranny cam chat profile that will make guys want to enter to see them.

I like to do a mixture of shots from natural right up to raunchy. With raunchy being my favourite of course! I like the way the tgirls have no inhibitions and are certainly not afraid to get their clothes off and let go. And when it comes to getting the sexiest pictures to upload to their live shemale cam profiles, they certainly dont hold back!


All in all, I love my job. the car nuts can keep their job taking pictures of cars. BOOORING. Me,I much prefer taking pictures of live humans and it sure does not get any more interesting than doing it with a transexual!

Keep checking back as I update on a regular basis and finding out more and maybe see a few pictures for yourself.